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Green Earth Fire Pots

Green Earth Gel Fuel

Green Earth Gel Fuel is a premium gel fuel primarily designed for use with indoor, vent-less gel fireplaces and Ceramic Fire Pots. Green Earth Gel Fuel burns odourless, smokeless, toxin-free and does not leave any soot, smoke or ashes behind – so there’s no messy clean up. Best of all, Green Earth Gel Fuel creates a robust, bright yellow, orange and red flame that crackles just like an authentic wood fire – without the concern of sparks.


Designed to meet indoor burning emission standards, Green Earth Gel Fuel also provides a “Green Alternative” for outdoor burning. As municipalities continue to tighten restrictions on outdoor burning, Green Earth Gel Fuel offers a realistic alternative that is both environmentally friendly and much safer than traditional burning methods. Semi-solid gel fuel permits a more stable burn. Even if the pot is gently moved, the fuel will not slosh or spill – the flame stays within the fuel reservoir. This stability also means the flame is not susceptible to weather conditions. Unlike candles, a summer evening breeze does not affect burning performance. Green Earth Gel Fuel has a small radius of heat that allows for safe burning even in more confined areas such as balconies, gazebos and screened-in porches without concern.

Burning Instructions

Each can burns for about three (3) hours. To prepare Green Earth Gel Fuel for use, remove the paper label and gently shake the can to evenly distribute the alcohol. Using a flat head screwdriver, carefully loosen the metal lid. Insert the can into the fuel reservoir, remove the metal lid and set aside. Light the gel using a longneck lighter. To extinguish the flame simply replace the metal fuel can lid. If there is fuel remaining, once the can has cooled completely, reseal the can by lightly tapping on the lid. To relight at another time, gently shake the sealed can, place into Fire Pot, remove the fuel can lid and light using a longneck lighter.

The Green Earth Ceramic Fire Pot

Each Green Earth Fire Pot is handcrafted ensuring that no two are identical. Multi-colour glaze combinations give a unique finish of varying shades from top to bottom on every pot! Specially designed for optimal performance, the fuel reservoir is suspended within the pot allowing for airflow; this minimizes heat transfer from the burning can to the pot itself. The base of the pot remains cool to the touch while burning so Green Earth Fire Pots are safe for any outdoor surface.

Green Earth Fire Pots can be used outdoors all year around. Once the threat of frost has passed, Green Earth Fire Pots may be left outside for the duration of the spring and summer season. During the fall and winter months, after each use, Green Earth Fire Pots must be brought inside and stored indoors in a dry area to avoid potential mildew erosion. Do not allow exposure to frost or freezing temperatures, as this will permanently damage your Fire Pot making it unusable.

With various sizes and styles of pots available, there is one for almost every application. The Mini Fire Pots are popular for tabletops, around the hot tub or for use in more confined areas. The Large Fire Pots are well suited for use on the ground, patio or deck and around the pool. The perfect way to illuminate your garden path or stairway!


GurglePotAdd a touch of whimsy to the table with a GurglePot.

These beautifully crafted pitchers produce a delightful “gurgle” as it serves your favorite beverage.

The lighthearted effect of the gurgling sound is sure to bring smiles around the table and help to enliven your dinner party.

Adding to the fun, the new 2 oz. mini-gurgle has arrived this spring. Great for cream, maple syrup or a shot of your favorite drink.