Home Decor

Decorative ceramic switchplate covers

Now That’s A Switch
Decorative ceramic switchplate covers made in Canada. A creative and inexpensive way to accent any room. Also producers of ceramic wall clocks and house numbers.

lampe berger

Lampe Berger
Created in 1898 to purify hospital rooms, Lampe Berger creates a universe where undesirable odours are banished, leaving behind a delicately scented ambience.
Utilizing a new scent release system called catalysis, Lampe Berger offers you clean and scented air at home for enhanced well being.

Green Earth Fire Pots

Green Earth Fire Pots
Hand crafted GREEN EARTH Fire Pots in a range of shapes, sizes and colours. Gel fuel burns odourless, smokeless, toxin-free, and leaves no soot, smoke or ash behind. A safe and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional outdoor burning methods. Safe for indoor use as well.

Great Canadian Wind Chimes

Great Canadian Wind Chimes
All Great Canadian Wind Chimes feature a melodic pentatonic tuning for unsurpassed sound quality. Light weight and totally rust-proof, all chimes are constructed with heavy gauge anodized aluminum tubes, strung with stainless steel aircraft cable and utilize “FSC” certified wood.


Framed Butterflies and Bugs
We carry a large selection of stunning framed butterflies and bugs. These beautiful wall-art pieces are all farm raised in various tropical countries. These bug farms help preserve rain forest habitat by providing employment for communities that would otherwise be practicing slash-and-burn agriculture.


Beautify your home with our selection of art prints from various Maritime artists. A great souvenir to take for a gift or to enhance your own home.

ceramic wall art

Ceramic Wall Art
Designed by Canadian artists, these colourfull ceramic wall art pieces will brighten any room. We carry an extensive selection of these hand painted, high fired ceramic tiles.